You Can Now Watch 2ge+her – The Movie

Sooo as we all know I’m out here in Australia, and part of being in another country means not being able to watch tv (cuz who buys a TV for like 6 months). As is such, I’ve been reading hella books (I promise, Mom. Don’t worry) and watching old classics online. That’s when I came across the holy grail: 2ge+her, the whole movie.

I had to shed a tear before I could get this up here, but I can’t keep internet gold like this to myself, so this one is for all my ladies who loved this movie and haven’t seen it for years because MTV like locked it up and threw away the key basically.

I hope this brings you all as much sweet serenity as it brought me. #bless

-PS- one of their albums is also on Spotify. Pissaaaaaaah