Turning Up vs Chillin’

As an (almost) 26 year old white female, it’s only natural that I have the debate in my head at least once a month about which is better: turning up, or chillin’. It’s a tough question; both are incredible. It’s like asking what is cuter, puppies or kittens. So I sat down, put some pen to paper, and came up with a list to finally lay this great debate to rest. At the end of it all, I got the answer that I was expecting. Maybe I got that answer because I was biased AF when I sat down to figure it out, or maybe because it’s just actually always the better answer. Alas, here are 5 reasons that chillin’ is better than turning up.

Turning up requires energy. That’s something a lot of us ‘adults’ don’t have to spare. The only thing I know about adulthood is that if you’re not tired, you’re not doing it right. Idk about you, but in general, I’m too tired to turn up. Chilling, on the other hand, requires little to no energy expense. In fact, some may say it’s energy conservation… which I’m pretty sure means it’s green… which means chillin’ is Earth friendly. And I’m not sure how exactly, but I’m pretty sure turning up is definitely not earth friendly. Will research that later.

You can’t turn up forever, but you CAN chill forever. As with anything in life, consistency is key. The most beautiful thing about chillin’ is that you never have to stop if you don’t want to. You might have to leave the venue, but you don’t have to stop chillin’. Turning up isn’t something you can maintain, at least not in a healthy way. The human body simply can’t handle it. Do your body right, turn down and chill.

You can’t turn up anywhere you want, but you CAN chill anywhere you want.

  • Places you can chill but you can’t turn up: school, the doctors, on the bus, at your best friends parents house, museums, libraries, sanctuaries, laboratories, around art, in Best Buy, the movies, I could go on, but I won’t since I’m sure you’ve gotten the picture.
  • Places you can turn up but you can’t chill: no where. No where at all. You can chill in a club, at a party, at a concert, during a music video; anywhere you can turn up, you can also chill. Which can’t be said the reverse way.

Shit, you can even chill at work (as long as you’re still doing your job; don’t be stupid or anything, just be chill). But you can’t turn up at work, not unless you want to get your ass fired real quick anyway.

Turning up costs money. Chillin’ is free. No one ever blew their rent money chillin’. Remember that.

You can never be too chill, but you CAN be too turnt up. Have you ever heard someone say the words “dude, turn up”? No, that’s because being too chill doesn’t bother anyone else. Being too turnt? Potentially the most annoying shit ever.

In summation: chillin’ is the chillest shit out, you guys should really try it. Don’t get me wrong though, it is still very important to turn up, and we as humans must honor our responsibility to get turnt and remind each other to have good times. Because life without turning up wouldn’t be right.