The Top 4 MTV Cribs Episodes of all Time… OF-ALL-TIME.

So needless to say, MTV Cribs was probably the best show ever created, and while each episode was amazing, some were just simply unreal. It would be a shame to let these amazing memories die, so I’ve decided to give my favorite 4 episodes everlasting life on this here blog. Here we go.

4) Ja Rule.

Yes, guys, I know; Ja Rule is fucking lame, but there was a time in the early 2000’s that he was, as the French say, ‘le killin it’. What made Ja Rule’s crib episode so great? Was is Irv Gotti? Was it the random Vin Diesel feature? Or the predictable Ashanti presence? Nay. It was the fact that this not only wasn’t his crib, MTV later got sued for airing it by the people Ja Rule rented it from. Ahh, the new Millennium.

3) Three 6 Mafia.

This one needs no explanation.

2) Redman.

Now look, narrowing it down to these last two was hard, and I’m well aware that this was the best ACTUAL cribs episode of all time, but when you see the little known #1, you’ll understand.

I also felt I had to make this #2 because I couldn’t find the full footage of it anywhere, which is, as the French say, ‘le tragic’.

Regardless, this episode is the sheer reason that I tell people on a daily basis that they need to live their lives like Redman. If ever you fall astray in your journey of life, just revisit this episode of cribs, all will be restored, and you will once again, be one with the world.

And now, the real reason I even wrote this article:

1) Gorillaz

This is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. I think this is the first time I’ve actually come out and addressed my deep deep love for the Gorillaz on the blog before, but this is a prime example of why.

The Gorillaz are incredible. In one full swoop they immaculately hit every single ‘Cribs cliche’ nail on the head of everything that made MTV Cribs the gaudy, tacky, amazing show it was. They’re almost too switched on for their own good. Almost.

I could watch this every day for the rest of time and be happy.

And that’s all.

If there’s any I missed, please let me know, because I didn’t have cable for quite some time as a young lass, so there are probably some major gems that I missed.