• The Beginning: The Birth of TOBY K
  • The Beginning: The Birth of TOBY K
  • The Beginning: The Birth of TOBY K
  • The Beginning: The Birth of TOBY K

The Beginning: The Birth of TOBY K

So TOBY K was officially born this weekend, on May 17, in the depths of a graffiti covered basement in Allston Massachusetts. It was trippy, it was trill, the blunts were burning, the champaign was flowing, and the homies were looking awesome; it was everything I could have asked for and more.

But TOBY K was conceived long before this weekend, and carrying her out full term wouldn’t have been possible without the help of countless people. From the inspiration, to the logo, to the website, there are really too many people to thank without this post getting boring AF, so let me just say thank you to any and everyone who has played a hand in helping me make this happen. I appreciate and love you more than you know. (for more info on TOBY K check out the about page)

Unfortunately, I don’t have many quality pictures from the party (given that it was in a basement) but here are a few.

The only thing I have that is even close to an outfit pic is this, so world, these are the people who gave the original life to TOBY K: my parents.

fam better

In case you were wondering, the answer is yes; some casual yoga DID go down at the party. (ft. Avery, Thulio, & Ryan)



Still not over Tomika Randall’s self made outfit. Can’t wait to collab. with her in the near future. (Ft. Tomika, & Oscar)

I have about 10 variations of this same grainy picture, but I figured one would be enough. (st. Shane, Paige, & Avery)

selfie bet

Big ups to Roman for being the homie since high school, and having one of the biggest heads in the game. (Not figuratively)roman


Anyway, BIG thanks to everyone who came out to kick this off with me, it meant a lot and I hope you all had fun!


My outfit included:

Jewelry by MissKL

Yellow Marabou Jacket

Shirt & Leggings from PLNDR

Yellow pumps by Steve Madden