Let’s Talk About: The 6 Best Gucci Mane Songs

Now calm down, everyone. I know this is a topic that can cause heated debate amongst friends, so don’t let it get out of control. Everyone can be heard, and I encourage everyone to tell me any songs I missed since we all know there is FAR too much Gucci Mane music out in the world for any one person to have listened to all of it. When it comes to tackling this list, we’re strongest in numbers, so if you know something I don’t: tell me. But I digress.

A couple days ago, Gucci Mane wrote a letter to his fans from jail addressing his mental state. It was great for a lot of reasons, (like his capitalization of the letter R at random throughout the entire piece); you should definitely read it. Anyway, it really brought me up. Gucci Mane is an incredible human being. He’s only been in jail for about a year and he’s already released like 5 mixtapes. Ridiculous. You can’t argue with that.

He’s a modern marvel, and his music has gotten us all through some times. I was going to post my 5 favorite, but I couldn’t narrow it down to 5, so here are my 6 favorite jawns from the Traplord himself

6) Break Ya Self

Best line: Break yourself, break yourself, you know the drill, break yourself. Leave you butt naked walkin down the street by yourself.

5) Quiet – Taste Tester remix

The whole first verse is incredible, but if I had to choose:

Best line: East Atlanta Santa, yea my stomach fat and jolly

4) Lawnmower Man

(This is one of the first songs I ever heard by Gucci that really spoke to me, so it holds a very special place in my heart)

Best line: obviously, the entire chorus.

3) Photoshoot

Best line: I flip it like a spatula, so suck me just like Dracula.

2) I’m The Shit

Best line: I’m the shit bitch. I’m the shit bitch. I’m the shit bitch. I’m the shit bitch.

1) Excuse me – Diplo Remix

Best line: the whole thing. This is the best song ever made. Thanks for coming out.