Spark Master Tape – Tenkkeys

Jesus Christ. I’m literally covered in goose bumps as I write this.

For those of you who don’t know about Spark Master Tape, that super sucks. Like… bad. But luckily you know now so there’s that.

Anyway, I’ve been waiting for this mother fucker to come out of hiding and put out some new shit for like idk 2 years? Too long, I’ll tell you that much, but finally the stars are once again aligning and the universe has blessed us with TWO Spark releases in 2016. All leading up to the release of his new project which should hopefully be out any day now, but I digress.

The platoon gods dropped this one today, and my god.

Y’all mother fuckers thought you knew about artistry but nah. As far as I’m concerned, Spark is a straight beacon of light for art in all arenas. Bliss you, you mysterious creature.

Anyway here’s the vid he dropped today, and check out more of his music here.