Shit You’re Probably Sleeping On, But Shouldn’t: Spark Master Tape

I swear, I must have watched this thing 30 times by now and it still gives me goose bumps.

But before I get into this, you need to understand that it takes a lot for me to back an artist (or anything, really). They’re doing their thing, and I’m doing mine; but when I come across some really next level shit that people need to know about, I let the people know. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you can take solace in knowing that I hold my word, and artistic/journalistic integrity to the highest regard.

I’m not gonna tell the homies about just anything. My fams are definitely cooler than I am, and are probably already hip to whatever jam I just found out about. For me to open my mouth and insinuate they don’t already know about some shit they’re probably already over is insulting to their sexy, and a waste of my time. Point being: I don’t sound the coconut radio unless it’s some seriously ill shit that I’m willing to risk making myself look behind the curve in front of my people for in order to tell them about it because I need to make sure they know about it on the off chance they don’t already know about it.

Am I aware that I may have just broken the world record for longest run on sentence? Of course, I’m a writer. Do I care? Of course not, I’m a G.

Anyway, I think this calls for a new series: Shit You’re Probably Sleeping On, But Shouldn’t. We’ll call it SYPSOBS for the sake of convenience. This series will be few and far between, but when it rolls around, it will mean a lot.

So back on track here: Spark Master Tape was the first artist I had felt compelled to tell the homies about in a long ass time. I first came across him when a homie of mine from college put the video to ‘Hanson Brothers’ on my wall.

As soon as I saw Hanson Brothers, I was on-fucking-board. I quickly ran through all his music videos, which turned out to all be equally as dope. Then I ran through all his mixtapes and the rest was history.

I honestly don’t know how the dude hasn’t blown up yet. There’s nothing I love more than some good underground shit. There’s just this sense to it that’s a lot more fun. It’s cool to catch an artist while they’re just messing around and doing their thing, making whatever they want to make, putting out whatever they want to put out. But if the artist is dope enough for it to be good, that stage usually doesn’t last more than a few years until they’re eventually picked up.

Once money starts getting involved, and more people have a say, there’s a pressure that comes into play for the artists’ stuff to do well, there’s more rules since their signed to something/someone, and the people who put in the money want to have a say, so it usually turns out for the worst (think Wiz Khalifa pre, and post 2010-ish).

Anyway, homie is riding the wave, putting out dope shit and doing his thing. Do yourself the favor and check him out. If you like rap, I bet you’ll liiiike it (you’ll get that ref in a minute). I back all of his shit with the exception of that one song he did with E-40; but one song out of two mixtapes, and a handful of singles is a far better batting average than most musicians out.

Here are his first two mixtapes (not in order, Syrup Splash was first), and this is the link to his soundcloud.


Syrup Splash

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