No one Cares what Guys Really Think about High Waisted Shorts

I recently saw a dude share an article on Facebook titled ‘what guys really think about high waisted shorts‘. (Lol.) In case the title wasn’t enough of a give-away, apparently they don’t like them.

The article quotes a bunch of this girls friends (which I can only imagine are bros) about why they hate high waisted shorts. The reasons include (but are not limited to) the shorts being boner killers and cellulite showcasers, that make girls look like misshapen science experiments who smell bad.

Yes. All of those things were said. -_-

While the article offers an opportunity to take a glimpse into the mind of the everyday bro, let’s take a minute and consider some things:

Implying that a woman should keep in mind what men will think when she gets dressed is not only lame as fuck; it’s insulting and dangerous. Insulting because it alludes to a mindset that a women’s only purpose is to attract a man, and that that’s the main thing she should focus on.

But scarier than that, it’s a dangerous idea that women do, and should, dress according to whether or not men will like it. It begs the questions: If women should stop wearing boner-killing high waisted shorts because men don’t like them, should they stop wearing boner-inducing mini skirts at night? Because if they do, they’re playing with fire and basically ‘asking to get raped’, right?

Which leads me to my next point…

Why should I give a FLYING fuck about whether or not my style choices will give a dude a boner? Frankly, I’d prefer that they didn’t. I don’t want to be talking to people with boners all day, that would be mad uncomfortable for everyone involved. I can only speak for myself, but I’m way too concerned with whether or not it will be too hot outside to wear 13 layers to have time to be concerned with giving people boners when I get dressed in the morning. Especially ass-hat dudes who think they can make a reasonable judgement call on what someone smells like based off the cut of their shorts.

But what’s most concerning to me is…

Why are women perpetuating mindsets that paint them as nothing more than sexual objects? Have I mentioned yet that this article was written by a FELLOW WOMAN? Ladies, does that not disappoint you like it disappoints me?

I hate to sound like a man-hater (I promise, I’m not. I love you boos), but I kind of expect this type of shit from men. Not because of anything bad about men, but because they don’t grow up with the same experience that girls do. They don’t know what it’s like to be looked at as a sexual object at almost all times, or to constantly be reminded that a big part of the identity of their gender is to be attractive. -NOT pointing that out to justify men painting women as sexual objects in any way, but just to speak on the fact that as a fellow woman who has likely grown up being looked at through those same societal lenses, it’s even more disappointing to see her and the other female commenters/supporters put these ideas out into the world.-

I thought we were all in this shit together, yo. What ever happened to girl power? I shine you shine? If we don’t stand up for each other against being objectified and constantly sexualized, who will?

So ladies, let me take a second and remind you of a little thing the Spice Girls taught us called ‘Girl Power’.


-Expressing your opinion on a fashion trend (or anything) is cool (so cool, express yourself!), but basing your argument on whether or not men find it attractive is lame (so lame, dig deeper you whack ass!). You may not see that there’s more to you than being a sexual object, but I do, girl. Find that in you. I promise it’s there.

-Think before you speak. Think about what you support, the companies you purchase from, the underlying messages of what you say and back. As women, I think it’s important that we stand up for each other, and fight against the negative things that each and every one of us has undoubtedly felt at some point in our lives. When you hear or see someone saying something whack, stand up and say fuck that shit. Let people know what’s good. Most of the time, people don’t want to bring other people down, they just aren’t aware of how they’re coming across. Shine some light on the other side, that’s how people learn.

-Get dressed in the morning for YOU. Dress to impress yourself. Do what makes you feel good. At the end of the day, if being sexy is something you want to portray that’s okay! But you know what’s the sexiest shit out? The confidence that comes from wearing whatever you want and expressing your damn self. That glow is way more attractive than any article of clothing you could ever wear, and the kind of person that that confidence is going to attract is going to be a way cooler person than someone attracted to you because of how your ass looks in a pair of jorts.