Next Level Wednesday: This Jordan Knight Throwback

Reasons this is a NLW:

1) It’s important we never forget about this song. It’s a classic and I just want us all to remember.

2) Everything-fucking-else.

First of all: your mans outfit. He looks like a 4th grader dressed up as a rapist, dressed up as the 5th member of 112. Four thumbs up.

Second: the dance moves. Whoever choreographed this definitely hates Jordan Knight. Like, so fucking much. That’s the only answer for moments like 0:47-0:51, 1:10-1:13, and more. Regardless, whoever actually got him to do this on screen, bravo.

Third: the implication that this man could actually win that carnival game with the hammer and bell thing. L-O-L

Also, all I see looking at him is ‘Schmitt’ from New Girl.

Anyway, enjoy this jam, and remember never to wear a ribbed turtleneck sweater.