Next Level Wednesday: That’s Not Me

Holy. Fuck. Who is this crew and how can I join?

Can someone hit these fools up n tell them I’m tryna chill? Like right now?

Why is it so fucking hard to assemble a crew of people to do shit like this with me all day? That’s all I’m tryna do.

If you are a like minded creative who wants to chill whilst also doing cool shit, HMU yo. Let’s make it happen. The world needs more shit like this, and the key is people who want to do it coming together. Consider this your invitation to HMU and start doing cool shit together. Cuz I’m tired of thinking about all the things I want to do but sleeping on it, THAT’S NOT ME, and it doesn’t have to be you either.

So let this be a Wednesday for next level inspiration. Get up off your ass, any project/idea/ANYTHING you want to do that I can help you with, shit, let’s do it. TOBY K IS DOWN.

Bliss up.