Next Level Wednesday: Punk Chicks

Been on this chick rock tip lately. Probably because I was working with this bad ass chick at Slice for a while, but she dipped cuz she’s a bad ass punk chick who’d had enough of everyones’ shit and quit one day. Fuckin’ legend. But I digress…

I love punk chicks. I feel like I’m almost one in the way that I’m pissed off a lot of the time, but unfortunately I’m way too silly the rest of the time to be full punk. But who knows, as I get older everything gets more and more annoying so maybe that’s the road I’m headed down.

That’s why angry punk chicks are next AF. Cuz in the end we all end up being angry chicks who don’t give a fuck and don’t have time for anyones shit. They’re just ahead of the curve with it, like they knew what was good all along. I fux wit it.

This is one of my favorite angry rock chick songs ever.

y’all, this shit came out in 1999.

Do you know what people probably thought when they saw this video? They probably thought ‘wow, this is so shitty’, because hipsters hadn’t made video cam corders and shit ‘cool’ yet. The modern plebe doesn’t know next level shit when it hits their dome until anywhere between like 1-10 years later. Then they look back like ‘wow, people are trying to emulate that now, that shit was ahead of it’s time’. YEA. NO SHIT IT WAS.

I used to feel that way whenever I would look at Georgette’s facebook pictures from previous times. Sometimes it would be like a few seasons ahead, sometimes a few years, but I would look at old pics of us and her outfits and be like damn shawdy knew like, how did she know??? Then I just realized everything she does is next and I need not question it.

Whatever. Anyway, enjoy this Next Level Wednesday and bask in the third wave femenism vibes. I’m off this.