Next Level Wednesday: Mercury Retrograde ft. Mya Throwback

In case you didn’t already know, it’s Mercury Retrograde.

I have not the time, nor the astrological certifications (do those even exist? idk) to explain that to you, but you can read about what that means here, here, or here.

One thing I can tell you that it means, though, is that you may have some ex’s or random old things popping out the cut. In these trying times, it is best to keep our cool, chill, and always remember rule number 1: Stay sexy under fire.

I’ve already given you advice on how to navigate running into your ex, but I’ll leave Mya here to instruct you on what to do when an ex is trying to get at your current.

Hopefully this post has been helpful for you during these tough times, either through the advice, the sentimental energy from the tunes, or the comic relief of the videos ‘make it look like they can dance without actually doing any dancing’ choreography. And as always, don’t forget to back up all your shit, cuz any everyone can get Merc’d.