Next Level Wednesday: Cabin Sleaze

I’mma be honest with you guys, I recently found out how to access my [Mom’s] Netflix account in Australia (thank you, Hola), and am balls deep in one of the most gripping TV binges of my life. I’ve stayed up till 4am the last 5 nights in a row watching Orange Is The New Black. Happy fuckin’ Easter, right?

Anyway, I haven’t written in a week… possibly longer. Time is irrelevant to me at this point, and honestly I really can’t make any promises about next week either. BUT, I did want to tell you guys about my homies over at Cabin Sleaze.

I’m not sure if these videos are hilarious to me because I know these fools in the flesh, and seeing them gallop around reenacting westside story, and wear Parisian neck scarves is simply too much for me to handle, or if these actually are as funny as I think they are. Maybe you can let me know.

Either way y’all should check them out cuz I just came across their page a day or two ago and it’s the only thing that has put a pause on my Netflix binge this whole week, so that’s gotta say something.

It was hard for me to choose one, but I had to go with this video they made called BBQ Dad. Which I’m sure we can all relate to, in some way or another.

For more of their videos, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or subscribe to their YouTube