New Years 2015: What the Fuck Just Happened?

Dog, this shit is crazy. Did they just say that 940 cars being set ablaze is a 12% DECREASE in the number of cars goin’ up since last New Years? What the fuck goes on in the streets of Paris? I thought America was live, but damn.

Oh, also this:

Again, shit is crazy, y’all. Speculation is that the stampede started when a nearby club threw a bunch of fake promo money out the window and people started scrambling for it, thinking it was real money. A few hours later the police issued a statement saying the club throwing the money was definitely not the cause of the stampede, but that they don’t know what DID start the stampede. But apparently they also initially said of the stampede (that killed 35 people) that ‘a couple of tourists fell down’, so… yea.

kermit tea

Anyway, am I the only one concerned about just what the fuck is going on in the world these days? Y’all got me fucked up and freaked out. I know these Pluto + Uranus T squares are difficult but god damn, y’all gotta get it together. We’re gonna get through this shit, but everyone gotta chill.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have certainly noticed, and felt a lot of tension building over the last few years, whether it’s financially, racially, or any other way.

I feel as though we’re on the edge of change. It’s been a long time that we, the people, have been looking at our governments and institutions and seeing the inequalities and flaws. I think at first, we all felt a little at a loss of ideas for what to do, and we hadn’t really felt it yet so we figured it would work itself out on its own, but I think that people now are starting to get a little fed up, and are starting to stand up.

It started with people noticing it, uncovering it, and talking about it, and I think now we’re at a point where the awareness is there, and the action is coming.

I think the next few years will be interesting, and that we are on the beginning stages of seeing a lot of change. I’m actually really excited for it because I think we will make a lot of history as these inequalities correct themselves, and that we will come out into a much better world. We’re all starting to come together and realize a lot of us want the same things, and that we are strongest in numbers. I just hope that everyone remembers to chill during all of it.

It can be easy to lose our heads when standing up for things we believe in and are passionate about, but this isn’t the stone ages, we can accomplish change without losing our sexy.

So as we go into 2015, I hope you all stand up for what you believe in, ban together, and fight for not just your rights, but WHAT is right. But remember the cardinal rule: stay sexy under fire.


And yes, guys, I am 100% aware that both of the aforementioned incidents were not due to protests, but I wanted to talk about both of these things on the blog and it’s my blog so in this space, I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.