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It gives me really great pleasure to finally introduce you guys to The Social Studio on the blog. I first heard about TSS through Grace Dlabik, Managing Director at GiDi CREATIVE, who I mentioned linking up with when I wrote about their last event, but I didn’t get a chance to really talk about how amazing TSS is.

According to their ‘about’ page:

‘The Social Studio is a fashion label and social enterprise that celebrates the style and skills of diverse cultures in Australia’ (Taken from their ‘about’ page)

But TSS is much more than that. TSS is a place where people who have newly migrated to Australia can go to take classes and get certified in many different areas of fashion and hospitality. When people first migrate here, they aren’t allowed to work for some time, and once they are able to work they find they don’t always have the qualifications that they need (since they’re in another country and so forth). TSS offers them a chance to come and get certified in those areas, so that when they are able to work, they are ready and able to get the career they want.

All of the clothes sold are made by graduates of TSS, and the profits go to keeping the place up and running. It’s such an amazing idea, and encompasses pretty much everything I stand for, so it was too easy for me to get behind it. I loved it before I even went to visit tbh, but the most amazing part (which I learned after I finally made it out there) is how dope all of the clothes are.

Everything is so well made, unique, and different. When you walk in you basically feel like you’re in another Melbourne boutique, but what’s even better is that you’re supporting a great cause, and you can literally see for your own eyes where your money is going.

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1874 IMG_1876

Lots of local designers collaborate with TSS as well by designing fabrics that TSS then prints for the students to make clothes with. The whole thing is very cyclical with the local scene and local community.

Here are two outfits, both totally different, both comprised entirely from TSS clothes.

IMG_1839 IMG_1842_2 The Social Studio IMG_1846 IMG_1854 IMG_1859 IMG_1861 IMG_1868 IMG_1871 tobykshio

As you can see the range of style is vast, but the common denominator is the quality of the clothes. Each piece is wonderful, even what you would think is just a simple shirt.

Anyway, so Grace let me know they are having a book launch on Thursday to celebrate the studio and their accomplishments over the years. Here are a few words from Grace on the event:

As you probably know already, I’ve been working very closely with The Social Studio to help create a bit more brand direction and awareness around what TSS does, and to also inspire and prompt other similar initiatives to begin.
I’ve been working on breaking down the stigma and attitudes attached to migrant communities, and to turn it around and see potentials of inclusion and enrichment of what they bring to our community.
The book is a celebration of many of the diverse communities involved with TSS, and profiles a personal take on how they got involved.
We are launching The Social Studio book Thursday 7th May 6-8pm.
We would LOVE you to come along and enjoy the fruits of our creative community!


The ever lovely, Grace.

The ever lovely, Grace.

TSS is an amazing place to support, so if you’re in Melbourne you should definitely swing by, check it out, meet some of the amazing people who run it, and see their beautiful work.

You can also support TSS at their online store here, but if you live in Melbourne it’s better to go down in person since they have much more stock in store, and also you get the chance to meet a lot of the students there. I’ve actually gotten to meet all the people who made the clothes I’ve bought, on the respective days I’ve bought them.

So go swing by, pay them a visit, support a really amazing place, and maybe even leave with some super amazing, high quality threads to boot. I honestly can’t think of anything better than that (which is probably why I can’t stop going back).

The Social Studio is located on 128 Smith Street in Collingwood, just a few blocks from the city end of Brunswick st in Fitzroy.

From the photos

First outfit:

All Atong Omoli (Except for Shio Design earrings)

Second outfit:

All Shio designs. (Except for the bag)

Puri Pink Crop Tee

Baby Pink Rib Skirt

Photos: Grace Dlabik

Makeup: Claire Bender, who happened to be in the store at the time, and a makeup artist who saved the day in an awesome moment of girl power.

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