LOTD: B’s, Dude. *EJ & Dan Trilogy: Pt. I*

I was lucky, this Christmas, to get to do a shoot with two very talented guys. One I have known for a while now, Mr. Ed Martin (AKA EJ Shaughnessey), and the other I know through EJ, Mr. Dan Caron.

I was lucky to meet EJ a little over a year ago. Right before I left for Australia. Unfortunately, when I get back from Australia, he moved to Portland, but thanks to yee ol’ internet, we’ve become quite good friends regardless.

I love his work, through all his ventures. Kid has got a good eye, and an even better vibe and overall attitude. Finally, he came back home for a stint over the holidays and I got to shoot with him and his buddy Dan Caron.

I had only met Dan once before this, but he too has a great eye, awesome energy, and a knack for a good photo.

I’ve never shot with two photographers at one time before, so it was a cool experience and the outcome was sick. To see the same shoot through two different perspectives and lenses. EJ shot with film, and Dan shot with a DSLR.

For the sake of convenience and not knowing how else to break these up, I will put EJ’s photos first, then break and put Dan’s photos with respective credits to each.

Let’s do it.

toby-2 toby-3 copy


Photography by Ed Martin

image5 image4 image2

Photography by Dan Caron


Jacket: Vintage Starter

Pants: Coco and Max Geo Pop Track Pants

Shoes: UNIF Cross Trainers