LOTD: Worldly Bitch

This jacket is so next level that I had to do a post only about the jacket. Nothing I pair with this would ever matter anyway, everything else is obsolete when you’re wearing such a strong piece. But I digress…

I stumbled upon this heap of perfection about 3 years ago on eBay. The seller was asking $120 for it, and at the time I was saving money to go to Australia, so I couldn’t hack it; but I left it on my watch list.

I ‘watched’ this item get listed, end, and relisted more times than I could even count at this point. I watched it and drooled over it for years. I even reached out to the lady selling it to see if I could make her an offer, which was met with a firm but understandable ‘nah’.

Then, one day after I had been living in Melbourne and landed my job making pizzas for $22/hr (bless that magical land), I was swiping through my watch list, saw it, and knew it was time I made it mine.

I didn’t even get to see it for another 6 months till I got back to America, which subsequently was in the middle of summer, so now that we’re full on into the cold season, this is the first time I’m getting to really give this thing a proper go.

If I’m honest, it intimidates the shit out of me so I don’t end up wearing it all that often, mostly cuz it’s just so perfect I’m terrified of ruining it, which is my own problem cuz what’s the point of owning amazing shit if you don’t give it the light of day. Anyway that’s something I’ll work out myself, but for now, meet the most amazing jacket I own: The World Jacket.

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Photos: Laura O’Neil