LOTD: Taking Back Trash

I’ve decided I’m going to start buying every single trashy shirt I see that demeans women. I figure I would rather own it ironically than have it go into the hands of someone who actually thinks it’s funny and wears it with pride. One small step to break the cycle of demeaning and objectifying women.

I think I will use them to make them into other things. Turn the trash into recyclables, heyyyy!

Maybe if all us ladies wore them ironically, it would become uncool and men would stop doing it unironically. Just a thought.

So here is the first trashy LOTD. (as you can guess, these photos are a bit old. Rest assured, I am still in America, and my hair is still purple)

IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1653 IMG_1660

Photos: Who is Kira Clam?