LOTD: Raaaawr

I can only speak for myself here, but Leopard makes me feel like a powerful woman. Actually all animal prints, really. Especially cats…and Zebras.

Anyway, I’m gonna call it now: I think this will probably be my strongest look of 2016.

I know it’s ridiculous to say that, we aren’t even two weeks into this shit, but it’s what my gut is telling me. What’s funny about this look, too, is that I was woken up by my sweet sweet Lauren O’Neil about 20 minutes before this was taken and threw it together on the spot. One of those ‘half asleep master pieces’, this outfit turned out to be.

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Shirt: American Apparel

Jacket: Sack-it, from Walgreens, for $16 biiiiitch

Shoes: Vans

Photos by: Lauren O’Neil