LOTD: Color Blocking, Pt. 5

TBH, I’m pretty sure we’re way past #5 in color blocking lessons on here, but I really can’t be sure because I haven’t kept count, and we’ve come too far with this whole thing for me to go back and hash it out now, so let’s just call it 5, and we’ll start counting from here.

Another paragraph long run-on sentence, my high school English teacher would be beaming.

Anyway here we go, lesson #5: Hues.

Generally, when color blocking, you want to stick with either one color, or one hue. In this instance, we’re sticking with hues. Even down to the hair. Yes.

By hue, I mean all of the colors are of about the same vibrancy.

You can also know that in most circumstances, pink and blue usually go well together. Typically blue is the base and pink is the accent color, but I ain’t for typical, so yea.


So there you are, go out there, color block it up, and stunt on all these muhfukkus. Cuz wearing all black is great, but sometimes wearing all colors is better.

Jacket: Peter Alexander. The Sesame Street collection.

Bag: Forever 21

Shoes: PLNDR

Photos: Avery Elise