Look of the Day: Twiggy Goes to School

Hot damn, let me take a second and blow the dust off my blog.


It’s been a long time, folks. Damn. Mercury retrograde had your girl reevaluating life for a minute there. Relationships have been crumbling like sugar cookies. Brooklyn got Ebola. Drake out of nowhere dropped new work. There was a lot of crazy shit going on; your girl had to be there for the squad through this strange time. It was a crazy, but that’s all in the past now so let’s leave it back there and just keep trucking.

If you don’t follow my IG or Twitter or FB or know me in real life, then you have no idea I cut my hair! But hey, surprise, I did that. (post on that coming soon…prolly tomorrow… idk let me breathe, guys)

But alas, today since it’s been a minute and the hair change was big enough, I feel it’s best to ease everyone back into the swing of the blog with a simple look, so I had to pull out some Twiggy vibes.

IMG_9411 IMG_9416 IMG_9421 IMG_9422 IMG_9425 IMG_9429

Dress: Karmaloop

Socks: lace heel socks, Karmaloop

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Photos: Shane McGowan