Look of the Day: Street Punk

And here, we have the second look I shot w/ James Juranke. I like to call it Street Punk. It was really hard for me to choose a cover image for this post since there are so many of these shots that I like. Guess you’ll just have to deal with me reposting them over time on my IG. Sorry in advance!

JJP_5453-110 JJP_5455-112 JJP_5459-116 JJP_5470-127 JJP_5472-129 JJP_5476-133

JJP_5489-146 JJP_5495-152 JJP_5497-154 JJP_5502-159 JJP_5505-162 JJP_5506-163 JJP_5512-169 JJP_5531-188 JJP_5533-190 JJP_5537-194 JJP_5539-196 JJP_5544-201 JJP_5551-208 JJP_5554-211 JJP_5557-214

Shirt: Vintage, Savers, $5 (happiest moment of my life)

Shorts: Hollister (they were jeans I had from 7th grade and cut up, relax)

Shoes: H&M

Photos by: James Juranke