Look of the Day: I’m Blue Abadeeabadie


TINY PONY comin’ atcha live from a fast food chicken restaurant called Red Rooster. Actually not live, cuz they’re a bunch of pirates and won’t give me the fuckin’ wifi password so I won’t be able to post this till later but, you feel me.

So yea, as you can see I haven’t blogged in a grip and then some. Holy FUCK it feels good to be back at it. I’ve been busy guys, your girl just ventured to the other hemisphere of the globe like, things had to be tended to; internet was sparse. But I’ve got an apartment now, and the wifi is flowing (posting this now from said wifi), so the future looks bright.

Not sure why I’m even mentioning this (because I didn’t have much time to take pictures for the blog or anything), but I was in Sydney for the first week of my AU journey, which was pretty tight. The number of attractive people in Sydney is just absurd. It’s like a breeding ground of beautiful humans. Absolutely no place for TOBY K to be running around on the loose. Not until I make my first million, anyway.

But yea, so that’s all that, back to this LOTD.

Before I left I got to link up with Gleb Budilovsky, a friend of mine who does a lot of event photography and stuff. It was super awesome getting to shoot with him, I’m only sad that it didn’t happen sooner so that we could have been shooting together for months! But alas, I felt the need to flee the country, so we had to put the shooting on pause for now. But anyway, here’s the first look we shot together, I call it: I’m blue abadeeabadie

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Hat via Shane McGowan – Adidas

Shirt: Choies – Blue Neoprene Crop

Shorts: Vintage Head

Bag: Vintage Garfield Safari Club

Shoes: H&M Blue Pumps

Photos: Gleb Budilovsky