Look of the Day: Cozy Miles

I’ve been thinking about it recently, and what’s life without friends? Not much, really. Friends are the best thing ever, and I like to incorporate them in my life in every way possible, so I’ve decided it’s time to incorporate them into the blog.

Before I left, I got to shoot with a couple of my friends. Not enough of them, because I only started a week or two before I left, but hey, I’ll be back and they will have their day. The first friend I got to shoot with was Miles.

I first met Miles on Instagram (I think…it was either IG or Twitter not sure which was first) which then turned to Twitter, then Facebook, then we became co-workers and the rest was history. He’s one of the best guys around, and one of my best guy-friends for sure. I caught up with him one day where he works, at Grillos Pickles in Cambridge, had him answer some questions, and took some shots. Here are both.

Name: Miles McAlpin

IG Name: @JMilesM

Sign: Virgo

From: Cambridge, MA

How would you describe your style: Cozy, but clean.

IMG_0020 IMG_0053 IMG_0074 Jordans Miles Square

Photos by TOBY K