Look of the Day: Allston Gold

Everyone knows Allston is the best and worst place on Earth, all at the same time. I miss her terribly, and can’t wait till I can see her again. Here are some pics and great walls from the best/worst shitty shuberb in da werld, from a shoot I did with Gleb over the summer (American summer, to clarify).

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Shirt: Paper Platoon Jersey #SWOUP. (unpriced, as it was a gift from one of the best dudes out, the every mysterious A Hunnet, from my #SWOUP clan fam, resppin’ the almighty Platoon.)

Shorts: Go Jane. $10

Sunglasses: Go Jane. $7

Shoes: Vans authentic high tops in Leopard. $50

Total: $67

Photos: Gleb Budilovsky