Local Asshole Decides to Make 50 Ramos Gin Fizzes in 2 Weeks

Meet Jordan McCusker, the man who wants to make you a Ramos Gin Fizz.


What’s a Ramos Gin Fizz?

“It absolutely sucks;” said fellow bartender, Pete. “by far the worst drink request in the world. It takes about 10 minutes to shake and requires a bunch of ingredients you don’t typically have behind the bar [such as heavy cream and an egg white].”

Which is why a lot of bartenders will turn you down if you try to order one during a busy shift; but not this guy.


This asshole has decided he wants to make 50 Ramos Gin Fizzes before his last shift at Saloon, which is in about 2 weeks. Why, you might ask? I have no idea. None of us are really sure why, tbh. Not even McCusker himself.

“So long as it doesn’t interfere with regular business and people getting their drinks and food on time, I’m okay with it.” Said Saloon manager, Jessa Keddy. “People come here for a service and experience, and we need to make sure we provide that experience every time. But if we can do that, and make a few Ramos Gin Fizzes in the meantime, I’m all for it.”

So come on down to the ‘loon, get yourself a Ramos Gin Fizz, and get up on the tally of history.

Sorry for the unrotated image, but I’ve honestly tried fixing this like 30 times now and it just doesn’t want to be fixed so, I’m not fighting it anymore.