Life Update: I’m Moving to Melbourne on the 16th

Look, I know what you’re thinking but like…. it’s my life guys. CAN’T EVERYONE JUST LET ME LIVE? Damn.

Perth is way cool, and I’ve been having a great time exploring, but rounding up a girl gang and getting steady work here is proving harder than expected. Which is fine, and I would have stuck it out, but the tectonic plates of fate started shifting and an opportunity presented itself in Melbourne that I simply can’t pass up. Also I have a homie from high school out there who I haven’t seen in years, and a chick I met on instagram too so… I really had no choice, guys. I can’t defy fate like that.

Besides, when you google-image Melbourne there’s mad pics that pop up with hot air balloons, and you guys know how I feel about hot air balloons, so I need to go explore that connection.


Anyway, I’ll be in Perth for another two weeks, and I promise you this: I will explore every last inch of this damn city. I’ve already got it all mapped out, so Imma show you guys the best shit in Perth because I owe it to Perth to do that and also like yolo, nawmsayin?

BUT, if you know anyone in Melbourne, hit them up, let them know I’m comin’ through, that I’m the coolest person you know (lie if you have to, just ham it up), and that I’m looking to start a girl gang ASAP.

So yea, that’s that. Let’s make magic happen.