Life Update: I’m Unemployed in Melbourne

Yet again, I’ve been a shitty blog father and haven’t written in a while. Like a real, wordy, meaty post (ya know, the good kind) so I’m gonna get on that this week; but in the meantime, let’s bang out some life updates.

Week two in Melbourne. Still don’t have a job.

As much as I love watching myself slowly piss away my savings on things like camo raincoats (the weather here is crazy, but also HELL YEA, camo raincoat you know? Like, yea.), I’m gonna need something to fall into place before I snap. I’ve never been good with the whole ‘money is money it goes around and comes around’ thing. I’m a saver, I like to stack, not spend (partially why I’m qualified to run a blog about how to look/live like rap star for under $100 [that’s USD, to all my 4 AU readers]). Anyway when I don’t have money coming in, I go into ‘bum-bitch lock down’ mode and hoard all my money and just eat like ramen and an avocado every day until the cash flow gets right, and after a month of doing this I’m about to lose my mind.

There’s a reason we don’t like broke bitches: it’s because living like a broke bitch fucking sucks. I’m tryna live an “Eggs Benedict other every day, only spaced out like that for health reasons” type of life. Not an “I’ll just walk 5 miles to save the public transportation fee so that I can get drunk on Friday” type of life. This is no way to live people. No way at all.

Hopefully something clicks on the job front soon, because this offer is starting to look better and better every day


But until I figure out what being ‘like the cat’ is, I just can’t quite commit. But hey ladies, if there’s any takers, he DID tell me to pass the word along.

So yea, keep your fingers crossed that your girl finds some employment before shit starts getting real suspect.