Juicy July Volume 1: Stay High

Things can be very tumultuous inside my head sometimes. Life for TOBY K is like a constant identity crisis. Am I ghetto fab? Am I a trippy hippy? Am I Sailor Moon? Idk.

I feel the only other person alive who really understands this struggle is Juicy J. Mac Dre is also among us, but unfortunately he is no longer with us (Thizz In Peace) so it’s just me and Juicy J standing strong for the trippy thuggish children; so I’ve decided to dedicate a whole month to emulating Juicy J with: Juicy July.

We’re gonna kick this off with the most memorable, most epic Juicy J outfit of all time: the look from the Stay Fly music video. This shit is so memorable and epic that while Chris and I were out shooting, we were stopped at least 3 times by people yelling at us about Juicy J.

If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend it, and you can view it here

But if you’re too lazy for all that, here is a gif of Juicy J from the video:

 So here is your first installment of Juicy July.


Juicy 40


Be sure to tune in next week, for round 2.

Shirt: The Skull Pile shirt by Liquid Blue

Photos by Chris Britton