I Need to Post More

I’m writing this as a call out to myself.

I’m always finding excuses not to update the blog and saying it’s so hard but it really fucking isn’t and I’m being lazy AF about it these days, so I am writing this in order to shame myself into posting more often because this literally took me two seconds to write and I have the time to do this once a day.

I am holding off until tomorrow morning to post this, because I know it’s stupid AF, but I’m 90% sure I’m gonna post it tomorrow anyway, I am still going to leave it to tomorrow morning, just to be sure.


Can you guys believe I almost published this shit to the blog last night?

The only thing that stopped me was that a huge centipede came out of fucking nowhere and freaked me out, so I turned the computer off and went to bed.

But either way it’s like… whatever yo, and that’s why I’m going to post it now. Cuz it’s hilarious and I stand by it.

I feel like I’ve built the blog up in my head too much and I’m over thinking it, but in reality: it’s just a fucking blog. I can write this shit, and no one could ever read it, and that would be totally fine; cuz all that matters is that I am deciding to post this and that is how I am choosing to interact with my world today.

I can’t promise gripping content, but I can promise at least something… most days.

So this was me, breaking the 3rd wall to myself to remind myself this shit was originally started to be fun, and that’s the way it should always be.

Good talk, self. See ya out there.