How to: Be a Good Blogger

I’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately since I’m living in a new city. It inevitably leads to the same conversation over and over (who we are, what we do, what TOBY K means, etc.), but a lot of people have been asking me ‘how do I start a blog?’ or ‘what are your tips on blogging?’.

I’m not sure if everyone from home has known me long enough to be able to see through my shit and that these new people just don’t know me well enough to see my full-of-shit-ness yet, or if maybe I actually am getting better at what I do (I’m fairly sure it’s the former); but I’ve decided to let you guys in on my 5 blogging secrets, so that you too can be hugely successful at putting out luke-warm, self satisfying internet garbage. You guys ready? Ok.

1) Wing it. Look, I know behind the clever acronym name, and hashtagged instagram posts, you though I knew what I was doing over here but, sorry guys, I don’t. You’ve actually just all fallen a victim to a ruse I concocted as an attempt to bring some kind of meaning to the full-blown-fuckery I call a life, and convince myself that I do know what I’m doing.


In reality, though, I have no idea what I’m doing behind this screen. The backend of my website still freaks me out (I’ve been trying to change the theme pretty much since I launched), I have no idea how to get featured on Lookbook, and I have yet to receive any free shipments of crop tops from OMweekend.

Truth is, I am no better than you (or anyone else) at blogging, I just get behind a screen and do it. The only difference between my blog, and your future blog, is that mine exists.

2) Chill. Y’aaaaaaall, I cannot stress this enough, like. Every day, in every way, y’all really gotta chill. If you want to start a blog, start a blog. Who cares if anyone reads it? The only reason you should start a blog is if you are so down to start a blog that you don’t care if anyone ever reads it. If you’re doing this shit for any reason other than because it is what you want to do, that’s a force. People can sniff that out a mile away, and no one will care. The only way you’re going to produce anything worth reading is if you’re expressing yourself about things you care about, whatever they may be. Shit man, there’s blogs that exist all about troll dolls and shit, like, you can really talk about WHATEVER you feel passionate about, just do you the page.

If your heart ain’t in it, there’s no way you gonna win it. #authentic2015, remember?

3) Notes. If it weren’t for the notes app in my iPhone, this shit would straight up not exist, y’all. Maybe it’s cuz I’m ADD AF, but I get inspiration and ideas from any & everything, and they come at a moments notice & are forgotten in the next. My whole idea for this post happened earlier when a girl asked me for blogging tips. Then I wrote the idea down in my notes, and when I sat down to write I pulled that shit up and was like ‘oh yea, that happened, I’ll write about that.’

Writers block is real, and so is my ADD, so writing things down when you get the inspiration is key.

4) Be Consistent. I’m not really sure if I’m allowed to give this as a piece of advice since I’m about the most inconsistent blogger out. I’m sorry, guys; I’m working on it. BUT, regardless of my shortcomings as a blogger, I can tell you that consistency is definitely hugely important. Maybe I’ll finally take my own advice this year. Only time will tell.

5) Profit? Still figuring this one out. Will report back later.

Soooo that’s really all there is to it. If you want to start a blog, start a god damn blog, but do that shit for you cuz if you’re trying to be cool or something, that’s whack and it will probably be a whack blog.