You Ain’t About That Life: a Guide to Modern Slang

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Since launching the blog, it’s become apparent to me that some (white) people don’t understand all of the slang terms used on the blog. To help remedy this, I’ve written this guide for reference so that everyone can be up to speed when reading the blog. Please let me know if there is anything you feel that I left out.

Turnt – The level of party in somethings state of being. The term comes from the saying ‘turn up’, as in volume, temperature, etc. One can be either turnt up, or turnt down, depending on their level of excitement. The term ‘turnt’, when used by itself, is generally used to describe one who is under the influence.

Ratchet According to Urban Dictionary, ratchet is “A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.” Over the years, the term has stretched and taken on a whole number of meanings which generally all fall under the same blanket of something that is undesirable, or unsavory. It is categorized by being extremely over done by way of being tacky, or broken down.

Do less/OD/Doing the most – OD stands for Over Done. It is used to describe someone who is ‘doing the most’ aka trying too hard to appear as something. This person is often told to ‘do less’, which means to relax and stop trying so hard.

Extra – A person who does all of the above. Someone who is excessive, over the top, dramatic.

Bae – A significant other. I’ve heard that it stands for Before Anyone Else, but I was always under the impression that it just was the way Spanish girls said ‘babe’. Either way, the term is sweeping the nation as an affectionate title for ones significant other, or ‘boo thang’.

Thot – That Hoe Over There / Those Hoes Out There. I have heard it be broken down in both of those, but it means the same thing either way. A Thot is an interchangeable female that does not garner much respect, and is simply out for using their body as leverage.

Chew chewy – A person who is always blabbing away, getting in peoples business, or getting all up in your space. It can also be used as a verb, when a person is performing any of those actions.

Yahtzee – An expression of  excitement. Much like in the game Yahtzee, when someone has Yahtzee they yell Yahtzee to proclaim it, the expression is commonly used when something good happens and the person is expressing their excitement about it.

Kicked/cashed – When all the reefer in whatever someone is smoking has been smoked. “This bowl is kicked”

AF – As fuck.

A grip – A large amount. This can be used to describe money, but I typically use it to measure increments of time. “I haven’t seen you in a grip”

Spoof – To blow into the pipe one is smoking and make all of the reefer fly out. This typically only happens when someone laughs while trying to hit the bowl.

Tapped – Crazy.

Wook – The highest level in the hippy kingdom. The term comes from the Star Wars creatures wookiees.

Cake – A nice behind.

About that life – One who is interested in, and actively pursues, the finer things.

Loud – Very good reefer.

Sus – Suspect. Something that is shady or lame.

Cooked – One who has done so many substances they have effectively ‘cooked’ their brain and fried themselves into oblivion. “Bobby Brown is about that cooked life.”

So there you have it. Hopefully I haven’t left anything out and you will now be able to decode the teachings on TOBY K with ease. If there is anything I left out, please do let me know.