Brand Feature: Erik Yvon

For my last brand feature in Melbourne, I’d like to tell you guys about Erik-Yvon.

I first met Erik through one of my favorite people in Melbourne, a colleague of mine from Slice Girls: Lenny Sparkles <3. I later realized Erik and I were following each other on Instagram and never put two and two together to realize we knew each other irl.

Not only that, he also is part of The Social Studio (which we all know I love). But I digress…

Erik is simply…the best.

IMG_1941He’s got the happiest smile I’ve ever seen, and he’s pretty much always smiling. All his clothes reflect his as well. His designs are big, bold, sporty, chic, and always use really bright colors and patterns.

Erik is finally unveiling his first official line tomorrow (the 11th) at his fashion show. The line is named XX-YY, and the show will take place at 7pm at the Belleville in Melbourne.

Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 10.36.46 PM

Here are some of the pieces from the new line.

Erik Yvon IMG_1922IMG_1953 IMG_1962 IMG_1968

Be sure to swing by, show him some love, and check out his amazing stuff! You can get all the info for Erik’s show here.

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