About TOBY K



“I invented the internet so that people could read TOBY K” – Al Gore


So who is TOBY K?

TOBY K is the best & worst (but mostly the best) thing that ever happened to you.

TOBY K probably convinced you when you were 14 that no one would notice if you replaced all the vodka in your parents liquor cabinet with water.

TOBY K is the chick wearing a yellow feather jacket at 1pm on a Tuesday.

TOBY K is NOT the girl who just walked out of J.CREW.

TOBY K is the bitch who just floated out of a corner store in FUBU with a boom box playing the Jurassic Park sound track.

TOBY K is:


Or maybe you don’t know her, but you should. Why? Because…


  • TOBY K has guts. TOBY K isn’t afraid to be judged, because TOBY K lost her last fuck to give about what anyone else thinks somewhere around 2009. She is bold, yet chilled, and becomes physically ill if she does not express herself at least 100 times a day. which means….
  • TOBY K has style. Yea, she might be using the same backpack she’s had since she was 9, but she does that shit with style, and that’s all that really matters.
  • TOBY K is FOR THE GIRLS. In a world of Nicky Minaj’s, TOBY K is Salt-n-Pepa. In a world of Bratz, TOBY K is Power Puff Girls. In a world of The Pussycat Dolls, TOBY K is The Spice Girls. You gettin’ where I’m going with this? The girls of this world deserve fun, funky, girl power advocates. Let’s all stand up and give them the role models they deserve, like the ladies who showed us the way.
  • TOBY K is for the Earth. It’s common knowledge that the best thing any human being can do to help save our planet is Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle. We’ve done great work over the last 2 decades in recycling efforts, but that’s really the last level of the three tiers. To make the biggest impact, we need to lower our consumption by lowering our intake. In a world of fast fashion and short attention spans, the best way to do this is to readapt and REUSE the clothes around us in order to REDUCE our consumption (which not only saves the planet, it saves you money). So in the words of Waka Flocka O LE DOOOOO IT.
  • TOBY K IS A STATE OF MIND. A high vibing wavelength of energy somewhere between feminism, colorblocking, self expression, girl power, and rap music. Get on board and you too can get groovy with this zen.


Quick facts about TOBY K:

  • 100% of TOBY K readers love TOBY K, read it every day, and would recommend it to their friends. (data taken from clinical study of all 3 TOBY K readers: myself, my best friend, and myself again from my desktop computer)
  • Nicki Minaj does not read TOBY K (I’m pretty sure)


Critics everywhere are going wild for TOBY K.

  • “TOBY K is pretty awesome.” – My best friend
  • “TOBY K is totally groovy.” – The Beatles
  • “TOBY K knows her shit.” – Socrates


But TOBY K isn’t into one way streets, so unfortunately

TOBY K DFWU, unless you FW TOBY K.

So share this shit and let’s change the world.