A Word on: Nicki Minaj

-This will be the first, and last time Nicki Minaj is addressed on my blog, for I hardly find her worthy of being mentioned; but since so many seem to identify her as a ‘bad bitch’, I would like to momentarily tell you exactly why she is no such thing-

Last night Nicki Minaj dropped her video for Anaconda. This may come as a huge shock to you guys, but is was mainly focused around her ass. I’ll give you a minute to pick your jaws up from the floor.

Here’s her video:

Am I the only one bored with Nicki Minaj and “her” ass? (her is in quotes to question the authenticity of her glutes) I’ve certainly seen enough of it on her instagram, and everywhere else that she’s had a chance to show it.

Nicki Minaj is no a ‘bad bitch’, she is the thottiest basic in Hollywood. Here’s why:

Denying her plastic body.

nicki-minaj-new-boobsAnd ain’t that some basic bitch shit to do; act like you got it on your own when you know damn well you didn’t. NM has repeatedly, and consistently, denied that she has had any work done. It is the most hilarious attempt at a ruse in history. I can only speak for myself when I say I’ve had my fill of women who have plastic surgery to become perfect, only to deny that they’ve had it.

I’m sick of people perpetuating unrealistic beauty ideals that are whole heartedly unnatural, and unattainable (without surgery) and not owning up to the fact that they’ve had work done. If you want to look like a plastic doll, that’s cool, do you; but to act like it happened naturally makes young girls who don’t look like Barbie dolls wonder why they don’t & subsequently feel ugly, and that shit is NOT cool.

Talking about hating skinny bitches when she paid for her curves.


Lol. I’d have to say that shit is a little backwards, no? To claim pride for ‘curvy women’ when you were a skinny girl who then PAID to have curves in only the right places is the weakest shit I’ve ever heard. Obviously any skinny girl wishes she had more ass or tits, but unlike Minaj, they accept what they’ve got to work with and they fuckin chill. To be rallying pride for a body you PAID FOR in a way that ostracizes other women’s NATURAL body type IS SO FUCKED UP. YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.

But at the end of the day, my main problem with Minaj is:

Nicki Minaj is wasted talent. 

Screen shot 2014-08-20 at 12.01.15 PM

All Nicki Minaj ever does these days is take pictures of her ass or make videos of herself gyrating on things. Granted, she probably paid a lot of money for it so word, I’m glad she’s happy with it. And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women being proud of their bodies, but there’s a huge line between being proud of your body, and empowering women to do the same, and making yourself a sexual object. And even still, it’s fine to be proud of yourself and show off what you’ve got from time to time. If you wake up feelin’ like a sexy ass bitch, then hell yea, do it up, show it off; appreciate yourself. Appreciating your beauty is amazing and can be done in so many ways. Lookin’ good is certainly one of them, and sometimes you gotta let the world know; but only focusing on your sexual image sends a message that that is your most worthy attribute and that that is what makes you a powerful woman.

To overtly rely on using yourself as a sexual object, is to divert attention away from your true talent. Listen to Nicki Minaj’s old mixtapes, or her features on other peoples tracks (like Monster is a huge one for her). The girl is pretty fire, but you probably didn’t know that because when you think of Nicki Minaj, you think of her ass, or green hair or something, idk. The point is you think of what she looks like, or that she’s hot, not that she’s a great rapper. Wasting talent is lamentable, but diminishing your talent by way of objectifying yourself is a modern day tragedy to all womankind.

And THAT, is why Nicki Minaj is a basic ass bitch.