5 Things I’m not Here for, V. 2 (EDM Edition)


1) Avicii.

2) People who want to talk to me about Avicii. Yea bro, I totally love Avicii too; now please get away from me.

3) The term EDM. Does anything make you feel more corporate then calling it EDM? Guess the rule holds true: labels make everything whack (more on this to come on the blog).

4) Glovers. The (true) raver community is awesome. It’s a bunch of happy go lucky kids who want to dance around, share good vibes, and have a good time. Hell, their whole motto is PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect). I can’t think of anything more awesome than having those 4 things as your motto. That shit is amazing, hats off to you guys. My SOLE gripe with the raver community is glovers. Why the FUCK did you have to birth glovers out of your awesome little community. Glovers have got to be the worst shit out right now. For those of you who are like ‘wtf are glovers?’, glovers are people who wear light up gloves and come wave their fingers around in front of your face during shows. It’s corny AF, and it needs to stop. Shit is so turnt down, it’s sub terrain.

5) People who think it’s cool to start dancing on you without asking. Look, there’s only one person allowed to touch TOBY K without asking, and that’s TOBY K. Idk what it is that makes people get so out of control on dimly lit dance floors. One minute you’re steady locked in your two-step, the next minute you’re being pulled at the hips into a sweaty backward bear hug. It’s barbaric, really, and I’m not here for it. You can keep that move at home.

and one for good luck:

6) Hateration in this dancery.

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