4 Things That Separate Basics from Baddies

Clearly there are way more than 4 things that separate the two, but here are 4 things that if you want to be a bad bitch, you’re going to have to stop doing.

1) Making excuses for guys who disrespect you. I don’t care how cute he is, allowing someone to disrespect you is so whack there aren’t even words to describe it. They say we accept the love we think we deserve, so the first thing you need to do is get that inner voice in check girl. If you don’t love and respect you, why should anyone else? (I mean obviously they still should, but it’s a big bad world out there. You get what I’m saying)

2) Trying to get at guys who have girlfriends. BOOOOO. BOOOO ON YOUUU. Creeping on another womans bae? Where did you learn that that was a good plan, Thotonomics 101? First of all, have a heart you ratchet bitch. Second of all, realize that no matter the outcome of this situation, you lose. It’s going to go either one of two ways: 1) that dude and his girlfriend are going to be laughing at your desperate face ass, or 2) you win that guy over and then you’re with the kind of man who would drop you at any time for some new thot showing him attention. Either way, you lose. Like I always say: if another woman can “steal” a man from me, she’s done me a favor and she can have him. The type of man who leaves a queen for a thot is no man at all, he’s a fool; and there will be no sleep lost over fools.

3) Twerking. Ugh god, can we please just move past this trend? In reality, twerking should be called The Thotty Mating Dance. Have you ever seen someone twerking at a party or anywhere and been impressed or turned on? There’s an unappealing aura of desperation that glows around someone when they twerk, and frankly it’s rather sad. Unless you’re in a music video, or chillin’ with all the girls, leave the twerking for someone else. Or don’t, idk, do you, I’m just telling you how it looks.

4) Dropping your friends/life whenever you get in a new relationship. You are sooooooooo lame. YOU ARE SO LAME. I can’t tell you how many friends I’ve lost to new relationships. Why???? Was your life not interesting before Boyfriend X? There is no way you can convince me your new boyfriend is cooler than I am, it’s just not possible. If you’re the type of girl who assimilates to the role of your new boyfriends girlfriend and drops everything else you were doing before, maybe you should work on finding some passions of your own that are so fulfilling to you that you wouldn’t drop them for anything. Cuz your blog, sewing machine, and best friends will never wake up one day and decide they don’t love you anymore, NAWMSAYIN?

And that’s real.


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