11 Perfect Circumstances to Listen to Gangster Rap

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People these days don’t listen to enough gangster rap. Hell, it even happens to me sometimes. I’ll be traveling, or wrapped up in something and feel my head start running wild, and that’s when I realize I’ve hardly listened to any rap all week. Maybe they forget, like me, or maybe they just don’t know how to incorporate gangster rap into their everyday lives. That’s why I came up with this guide, so people could have a reference to check for when might be an appropriate time to turn on some gutta beats. Those times include:

1) When you’re happy. Why not take that happiness to the next level with some gangster rap? No sense in limiting your good mood.

2) When you’re sad. Most music is like waah waah waah love and heartbreak. That junk can really perpetuate your sad mood. But you know what will make you forget all about your broken heart? Some Gucci Mane.

3) When you’re angry. No one knows angry like gangster rappers. You’ll never feel alone with your anger again.

4) When you’re hungry. Gangster rappers are probably the hungriest people out. Also, where else are you gonna learn things like: you’ll eat better tomorrow if you hustle hungry today.

5) When you wake up. Nothing tells you it’s time to get up & get that money like some gangster rap.

6) When you’re chillin with the homies. If people wanted to listen to your favorite emo band from high school, they would have gone to a Hot Topic. I’m tryna get low key turnt, not write an angst-y journal entry. Throw on some Gucci Mane, or Lil Boosie and watch how trill the mood gets right before your very eyes.

7) When you’re driving. Traffic sucks, but you know what doesn’t suck? Gucci Mane.

8) When you have a problem. My brother gave me some of the best advice when he tweetedListening to gangster rap can solve the vast majority of your problems. Has anything ever been truer? idk

9) When you’re getting dressed. No one leaves their house looking like a punk bitch if they got dressed listening to gangster rap, I can guarantee you that much.

10) When you need to make a decision. Again, throwing it back to my brother on this one: If you can’t make a decision, just listen to gangster rap until the choice becomes obvious. Remember kids, gangsta rap will never steer you wrong.

11) Any time at all. Ever.

The end.

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